Pedigree of the Enhanced CANDU 6 (EC6) proposed for Darlington B

June 9, 2014

By: Donald Jones, P.Eng., retired nuclear industry engineer, 2014 June

The Enhanced CANDU 6 (EC6) is just that, an enhanced CANDU 6 and is one of the contenders for new build at Darlington (references 1 and 2). Following on from some early conceptual work by Canadian General Electric (CGE), Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) based the CANDU 6 design on the four unit Pickering A station (that was brought into service 1971-1973) but as a single unit station with a significant power increase, major equipment simplifications, improvements in shutdown and emergency core cooling systems, extensive use of digital computers for control and safety systems etc. In fact the CANDU 6 is unrecognizable as being based on Pickering except maybe for the fuel channel sizing, even though fewer channels are in CANDU 6, and the two loop primary heat transport system that were retained. Since Ontario Hydro was enamored by multi-unit stations CANDU 6 was intended as a single unit for out of province build including off shore. The two lead CANDU 6 projects were Gentilly 2 in Quebec and Point Lepreau in New Brunswick and these were quickly followed by Embalse in Argentina and Wolsong, now Wolsong 1, in South Korea and all came into service in the early to mid 1980s. These can be regarded as the first tranche of CANDU 6 build.

The second tranche of CANDU 6 units came with Wolsong 2, 3 and 4 in South Korea, Cernavoda 1 and 2 in Romania, and Qinshan 4 and 5 in China (the other units at Qinshan site are not CANDU), all entering service between 1996 to 2007. Each of the second tranche CANDU 6 units incorporate lessons learned from operation of the earlier units with changes to meet latest regulatory codes and standards. All three Wolsong units came in on budget and on schedule and the two Qinshan units came in under budget and ahead of schedule. In fact the total project schedule for the CANDU 6 units at the Qinshan site in China was 81 months from contract effective date to in-service.

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