Articles by Donald Jones

April 10, 2012

Donald Jones, P. Eng., and Retired nuclear industry engineer, has written articles appearing on a number of blogs, including Rod Adams’ Atomic Insights, Stephen Aplin’s ‘Canadian Energy Issues‘, and Scott Luft’s Cold Air Currents.

Here are links to articles, on various sites, written by Donald Jones, P. Eng.:

  1. IESO – less dispatching of nuclear if you please”
  2. An alternative Long-Term Energy Plan for Ontario – Greenhouse gas-free electricity by 2045“. An earlier version of this article is posted here
  3. IESO – will Ontario’s wind turbine power plants reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. Gas and wind on the Ontario grid – not a chicken and egg thing
  5. Ontario needs more than 2,000 MW of new nuclear despite what the Long-Term Energy Plan says
  6. More wind means more risk to the Ontario electricity grid” – also posted here
  7. Why Ontario has to export electricity
  8. Nuclear and Wind on the Ontario Electricity Grid
  9. Time for the Ontario government to rethink this gas and wind thing
  10. Ontario’s CANDUs can be more flexible than gas-fired generation and hydro generation” – also here, here, and here
  11. Ontario’s future economy dependent on precarious natural gas
  12. Another inconvenient truth
  13. Failure to condemn wind may condemn Darlington B
  14. “No future for wind in Ontario”, Don Jones, Opinion, Toronto Star, 2009 March 2,
  15. “Natural gas prices go lower and Ontario’s electricity prices go higher”

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Articles 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 13  also appeared in the Canadian Nuclear Society’s BULLETIN quarterly journal. The BULLETIN also has more articles, written by Donald Jones, that were not on the internet.  They are: