Contenders for nuclear flexibility at Ontario’s Darlington B, AP1000 and EC6, and the winner is …..

January 10, 2013

Contenders for nuclear flexibility at Ontario’s Darlington B, AP1000 and EC6, and the winner is …..

By: Donald Jones, P.Eng., retired nuclear industry engineer – 2013 January

A condensed version of this article will appear in the upcoming 2013 March edition of the Canadian Nuclear Society’s BULLETIN journal.

Although Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has a site preparation licence from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for new nuclear build at Darlington it has yet to select a vendor. Two vendors are in the running. Westinghouse with the AP1000 and Candu Energy Inc. with the EC6 were asked by OPG to prepare detailed construction plans, schedules and cost estimates for two reactors. The reports must be ready by June of this year and will be submitted to the Ontario government for selection and go-ahead, or not. With Ontario’s unique generation mix of baseload/intermediate/peak hydro (8,000 MW), nuclear (13,000 MW), frackgas/oil (10,000 MW), coal (3,300 MW until shutdown in 2014), and intermittent wind (2,000 MW) and solar generators (482 MW), the operating characteristics of the new nuclear units will need to be carefully considered. Read the rest of this entry »